Hi, I'm Katy.

I help people reduce stress about money and quit the paycheck to paycheck cycle despite good income. Let's map out a future you can get excited about!

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The Budget Bootcamp Online Group

The Budget Bootcamp is a community-based, no BS approach that puts you in control of your money.  

Kristin G

"My husband and I were in different places financially, and we had been keeping our money separate for the entirety of our relationship. Katy’s approach is straightforward, kind, and understanding. Her methods made a lot of sense and weren’t difficult to grasp or enact. We’re still at the beginning, but Katy’s feedback has totally changed the way we’re approaching our finances and our life together, and it’s bringing us a lot of hope!"

K & A

Katy helped us see that we were not alone in our financial struggles and that we were capable of managing our money successfully. The honest, empathic, common sense approach Katy uses in her coaching provided just enough of a challenge for us to recognize how individually we think and feel about money, and using that knowledge, form a new mindset and find common ground. It empowered my husband and I to reset our financial goals and create a plan that worked for our family. We can now talk about money without one of us getting upset!

The Kelleys

Katy has an amazing delivery with suggestions, advice, and hard nosed facts. Setting a budget can be like learning a foreign language. Katy guides you through it with ease and makes it learner friendly. Thank you very much Katy.

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Lebanon, NH                              katy@almstromcoaching.com            (603)707-1893

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