Let's face it, money and marriage come with real challenges.

Bickering about spending choices

Pit in your stomach feelings when bills arrive

Budget plans feel wishy-washy and confusing

Avoiding money conversations to avoid conflict

Not knowing what your goal with money is

Anxiety about how you're spending money

Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start committing to your dreams- together

Improve communication, cooperation and commitment around money in your marriage. 

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Are starting to run out of hope because you can't agree on a budget together?

What if instead you could:


Start the month knowing exactly where your money is going?


Count on productive conversations with your spouse about money all month long?


Have a back-up plan when the budget seems to fall apart?


Dream again about what’s possible in the future BECAUSE  you feel fired up and confident about your present progress with money?


I do not fight about money with my spouse.



It wasn’t always this way. In fact, ten years ago our relationship hinged greatly on me changing my attitude about money and making some serious adjustments to my habits and my beliefs about what was possible.


I cracked the code on creating a life of financial peace in my marriage and now, I teach other couples to do the same. I’ve honed the process down to simple, actionable steps that anyone can learn and implement to create the marriage of their dreams.

Is Mastering Marriage and Money right for you?

When there is lack of communication, cooperation, or commitment regarding money, this can affect all other aspects of your marriage.





Please understand that this is not a quick fix.

Changing money habits and behavior in marriage takes work!


You need to be ready to dedicate time each week

to improving your habits and behaviors.




You and your spouse will know you're ready for the program if you: 

  • Want better communication and planning when it comes to your money.
  • Have a hard time feeling good about how you're spending your family's income

  • Struggle to find a system that works, and are looking for step by step guidance on what matters most

  • Want to learn how to improve your marriage around finances from a wife and mom of two who doesn't fight with her spouse about money and is EXCITED about their financial future.

What you get when you join
Mastering Marriage and Money

This program is designed for you to create the biggest results in your marriage and budget – in the shortest amount of time.


I want you to be able to take as much time as you want to review, learn, and implement. The access is lifetime for the course and the community.


We simply don’t have time for tons of reading, studying, and long video lectures. This program is efficient – bite-sized videos and assignments without fluff or guesswork.


Just clear, simple steps to lead you to creating the communication about money you deserve and life you dream about.

The Course

Six modules will be released over the 8-week period we're working together. Each module consists of two or three bite-size trainings that you can consume and implement quickly for results without a lot of time learning. The trainings are made to fit in the tiny pockets of time you have in between everything else you’ve got going on. Accompanying worksheets and homework are available and optional. Spousal participation strongly encouraged.

Live Weekly Coaching- 8 weeks

Each week, you will have the incredible opportunity to be directly coached by me. These calls will be focused on the questions and situations you bring to the table – I will coach on what you bring. Every single week, whether you are coached or you are watching your peers receive coaching, you will walk away with ahas, breakthroughs, and actionable steps to implement over the next week.  Spousal participation not required.


A Private Facebook Group for Coaching and Community

You are not alone! All week long, for all the things that come up, we’ve got you – you will have questions and want coaching. Within the private community, you will be able to share your wins, struggles, and questions. I will be periodically coaching, and you will always have support from me and other women in the program.

The Modules

Module 1: Clarity--Budget Foundations

  • How to create your monthly budget in under 30 minutes each month

  • How to prioritize what to spend on when money is tight 

  • How to save money in your budget without drastically changing your lifestyle

  • The three secrets to the budget that keep you from overspending


Module 2: Communication--The Dream Meeting

  • Two humans interacting with money: understanding the ways we differ
  • How to show up as the best version of yourself when you talk about money

  • Learning how to accept and respect each other...even when we don't relate

  • How to set boundaries in your marriage when it comes to communication about money

  • How to conduct a "Dream Meeting" and why it's so important


Module 3: Cooperation--The Budget Date

  • The one thing you really need to know to stay consistent with budgeting
  • How to get more comfortable talking about money each month with your spouse

  • My step-by-step process for how to confidently run a budget date (you’ll never hate budgeting again when you learn these steps!)


Module 4: Commitment--Overcoming Obstacles

  • How to stay on track when things don't go as planned
  • How to stay motivated when progress feels slow

  • Identifying common obstacles and strategies to prepare for them


Module 5: Crush Debt--Your Customized Plan

  • How to become the kind of people who don't borrow
  • How to come up with a realistic debt payoff plan that excites you

  • Secrets to avoiding debt in the future

  • Step by step tutorial for what to pay off first, second, third, etc.


Module 6: Call to Action--The Next 12 Months

  • Identify your 12 month goals as a team and put them on paper
  • The best ways to stay focused on your plan

  • What are the next steps in your journey?

  • Where to seek continued support



  • 30 minute one-on-one coaching call for you and your spouse to use anytime you like during the 8 weeks
  • Pop-up live trainings in the FB group when you have questions.
  • Worksheets and templates for every step of this process:
    • Customized tracking visuals to keep your goals front and center
    • Worksheets to guide your dream meeting and budget dates

    • Savings Goals tracker

    • Sinking Fund Worksheet

    • Budget Brain Dump 

The Investment:



“Katy helped us to see that we were not alone in our financial struggles and that we were capable of managing our money successfully. The honest, empathetic and common-sense approach Katy uses in her coaching provided just enough of a challenge for us to recognize how we individually think and feel about money, and using that knowledge, form a new mindset, and find common ground. It empowered my husband and me to reset our financial goals and create a plan that works for our family. We can now talk about money without one of us getting upset.”


Angie, past client


“We connected with Katy because we just felt really stuck. Our income allowed for less breathing room than we liked and we just felt like it wasn't possible to make progress toward larger financial goals. After working with Katy we are having much more productive conversations about money and money goals. We have more freedom in our budget, and more of an accurate picture of where our money is going. She helped us both have a similar language for talking about money which has been very valuable.”


-Melissa, past client

"I've been able to become debt free. She has kept me on track and disciplined. Meeting with her has always been tranquil. I highly recommend working with Katy. She is friendly, easy to talk to, and before working with her, I had no idea how to pay my bills down. But because of her, I'm debt free."


-Tanya, past client

"My husband and I were in different places financially and we had been keeping our money separate for the entirety of our relationship. I reached out to Katy and she made one thing clear quickly - he and I are a unit, and his debt is OUR debt. We both had a bit of a brain fracture, but Katy’s straightforward, kind, understanding, and graduated approach convinced us quickly, and we realized it was the best way forward for both of us. We’re still at the beginning, but Katy’s coaching has totally changed the way we’re approaching our finances and our life together, and it’s bringing us a lot of hope!"

Kristin, past client



“I feel like I have been frantically walking around in circles for years without a compass. Budgeting is the trick. Don't lose hope. It sounds crazy to spend money on coaching when you don’t feel like you have any. But after working with Katy, I have direction. I am close to being debt free and have more money than I have ever had. And I know the skills to never be in debt again.”

Carlene, past client

"We want to say we are so grateful that we started working with you a year ago as it has changed our life. Our communication in general is better, not just the financial discussions. The biggest and best part is we are navigating the pandemic situation and loss of jobs for now with no financial concerns. We had paid off most of our debt before this happened, what a relief. So thank you for helping us achieve piece of mind."

-Tracey, past client

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We’re stressed about money. Why should we SPEND money on something like this?


Because those who attend my free workshops and trainings don't have any skin in the game. They aren't successful. If you're excited about this and it's a priority, let's put it in your budget. If you really can’t find the $400 in your budget, let’s jump on a call and figure out another alternative.  


What if my spouse isn't on board AT ALL? Is this the right program for me?


For starters, a purchase like this should be agreed upon in your marriage so the short answer is no. If your spouse has a “go for it but I'm not doing it” attitude, then jump in if it feels right to you. We’ll cover exactly what YOU can do to impact your entire household. The accountability and support of other women in the group is empowering beyond belief. 


We've taken a course through work or church. How is this different?


For starters, you have one of the country’s top Ramsey Preferred Coaches in your back pocket. Not only do you engage in lessons that teach you HOW to implement budgeting and habit changes into your life, but you get intimate weekly coaching and lifetime access to a private group with additional trainings. With a coach!


Do I have lifetime access?


To the lessons, bonus materials, and FB group, yes. The coaching lasts 8 weeks.