Financial Wellness During Uncertainty

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I'm here to share some thoughts, observations and reflections on your financial wellness during these uncertain times. Not only are we challenged by new schedules, routines, and responsibilities (hello, homeschooling!) but there is also uncertainty about our income, savings, and ability to pay our bills.

I teach budgeting.

Here's what I've learned from coaching others on their finances. People often have one of three challenges: their perspective, their relationships, or the process of developing a plan.

When a client doesn't have great perspective on their financial future, it's hard to follow through on a plan. They know they should probably budget, spend less, save more, and pay off debt. But without a strong enough reason for success, these attempts can fall flat.

But now a lot more people have more urgency and they are facing potential changes and problems. People are looking for resources. They want to get their stuff together. There are a lot of resources out there, and my hope is that with this renewed sense of urgency people will seek out help and find a process that works.

Relational issues are when there’s communication struggles. We’re all different when it comes to money and how we were raised. These challenges are being exposed because we’re all stuck at home and trying to get everything done.

A lot of people don’t even know how to budget! They need a process that works. There are a lot of great resources out there, and anyone can Google a budgeting app or someone’s plan for budgeting. But if their “why” isn’t strong enough, the process won’t stick. As I said earlier, some will find great resources by searching.

But guess what? These uncertain times are shining a spotlight on some of these challenges, and people are ready, now more than ever, to make changes.

I'm happy to invite you to join a free live workshop where I teach a simple way to budget and offer short individual consultations to all participants. I want people to feel HOPEFUL and INSPIRED to take action and put a plan in place that works for their family.

I want to help!

I want to alleviate those frustrations!

I’m offering two free workshops each week in April.

April 6

April 8

April 13

April 15

April 20

April 22

April 27

April 29

All workshops will take place at 7:30pm ET

Registration for the workshops are available on my website at

Be sure to sign up for a workshop yourself, and share this post with your team!

Stay well and be safe!



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