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How to Crush Your Debt

Even when life gets in the way

You thought paying off your debt
would be EASIER than this!
Logically, the debt snowball makes sense to you.
Living on a budget makes sense to you.
Selling things you don't need makes sense to you!
But you hear the debt free stories all the time...
from people who had MORE debt and LESS income than you!
Here's the thing: 
Just like getting into debt, getting out of debt is a behavior issue...not just numbers.
The plan looks amazing when you write it down, but that doesn’t solve the behavior problem.
Think about it...have you ever made the perfect workout plan or meal plan...only to let it sit in your calendar?


Skyrocket your Snowball

The perfect 6-week program for couples 

paying off debt together



  • Having flexibility in your budget because you have no more debt payments

  • Never receiving a bill from a creditor again

  • Feeling confident in your spending habits and choices

  • Communicating easily with your spouse about your budget and spending habits

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set debt payoff goals and hit them 

  • Build good money habits and let go of habits that don't serve you

  • Deal with debt in collections

  • Prioritize what to pay off

  • Track progress and stay motivated

  • Get your spouse and kids on board

  • Know how to handle setbacks and challenges without losing momentum

  • Avoid past mistakes so you can make big debt decisions month after month

  • Simplify your budget to have the most impact on your debt

(no more overwhelm when it comes to deciding where your money is going)

only $197

I hit rock bottom when I was about 35K in debt with four maxed out credit cards, student loans, and a medical bill that I was paying measly minimums on each month...month after month. 


For years, I was living on a teacher's salary and spending money like it grew on trees. THAT could not last.


I was a hot mess.


And it affected every aspect of my life. It's painful still to think about this time in my life. I remember days of checking my balance several times in a day, transferring credit card balances, and panicking when my car started to make weird noises (AGAIN).

Luckily, I got the message loud and clear that things could NOT stay like this. I found Dave Ramsey and the debt snowball and I paid EVERYTHING off in less than two years.  

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Hi, I'm Katy!

TODAY, I'm really good at helping couples tackle their own debt snowball. I've cracked the code for what it takes to stay on track and ENJOY your debt snowball journey!

Here's what we're covering

Week 1: Your Unique Plan
  • Your debt snowball and your exact plan for paying off debt

  • Goal posts, benchmarks, pause points, full on acceleration points: what the flow of your plan will look like and how to celebrate your success along the way

  • Your budget -- maximizing your resources to make the plan work

Week 2: Becoming Debt Free
  • Who do you need to become to be debt-free

  • Breaking away from habits that don't serve you (and that keep you in debt)

  • Creating new behaviors and habits to move you away from debt

Week 3: Maintaining Motivation
  • What to do each day, week, and month to stay on track

  • How to celebrate your wins

  • Working as a team; daily encouragement and uplifting each other

  • Visual tracking and motivation 

Week 4: Overcoming Obstacles
  • How to know when to pump the brakes on your debt snowball and BE OKAY WITH IT

  • Building in buffers to avoid obstacles altogether

  • Strengthen your ability to say "yes" to the right things and "no" to the right things

  • Improving awareness: what's coming and how do we prepare

Week 5: Controlling Collectors
  • A simple plan of action to put you in control

  • A step by step guide to settling debts with collectors

  • Everything you need to know about collection calls

Week 6: Living Lavishly
  • How to enjoy your life paying off debt

  • Putting boundaries into place so you stay fulfilled and happy on this journey

  • Fun Money. Fun money, fun money, fun money

  • Easy ways to live richly while paying off debt


Here's what's included

Live Trainings

Every week for 6 weeks, I will deliver live trainings on Fridays beginning on July 10 at 12 noon ET. These trainings will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to them. Trainings will include how to budget simply and effectively, how to prioritize and what to focus on paying, getting your family onboard, overcoming obstacles, enjoying life during intense debt payoff, how to manage your plan during shutdowns and a pandemic.

FB Community 

You’ll have access to a private, members only Facebook group. I’ll be active in this group Monday - Friday and will check in twice per day. Struggling to make a decision? Having a question around what to prioritize next? Not sure how to budget the coming month? Tag me and I’ll be there to support and guide you.

Group Coaching 


I have an intense desire to help my clients succeed, and in the group coaching calls, this is our opportunity to really dig into your unique situation. You get one on one coaching from me, you get my eyes on your budget, you get my custom advice for your unique situation. These call will take place on three Tuesdays-- July... at 7:30 pm ET.

Worksheets and


Everything you need to accompany each lesson including your master plan for your debt payoff, a debt snowball planning sheet, tracking sheets, and more.

Are you ready to REALLY get your snowball rolling and crush your debt?!

Let's Do This!